which mode owns more?


Hi guys,

Its not Sunday but we want to present you an old, nice demo between two top clans before we go on with the finals of the current CB OC in which we are still waiting for an appointment

Today we want to show you the Match between :nl: |R->|eloaded| and :de: xplosionZ
This demo was made by :de: RoyaL and presents the following Players

:nl: Reloaded

:be: |Gr1m-|R->|
:nl: |James Hetfield|R->|
:nl: |orange|R->|
:nl: |Ubermensch|R->|
:nl: |Sco)2pioN|R->|


:de: xplosionZ

:de: xplosionZ.Reddy
:de: xplosionZ.Shadowwarrior
:de: xplosionZ.RoyaL ( ineyes )
:de: xplosionZ.diabLo
:de: xplosionZ.hydra

Have Fun!

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